The beginnings

Nestart is the workshop of ideas.  Since its early stages it has a strong know how and knowledge of materials and high technology innovations.

Craftmanship and creative skills are the fruit of a daily passion, that grows and develops between materials, manual work and genial ideas.

The first steps

Silvio, founder and entrepreneur of Nestart, took his first steps in his father’s blacksmith workshop wearing a basted fitted work overall. He helped his father since he was a child and lived the working activity as a game. He was ready to get down to work for what would become his life. This has been his life until now for over thirty years: the school first, then the work, his thoughts and commitment always to the company.

Since he met the experience of another extraordinary skilled designer. Their ideas merge in perfect harmony, creating projects and experiments for Nestart, the developing company. Ideas and inspirations evolve in new ways to break the mould of tradition, without ever neglecting the knowledge of the workshop.

The evolution

Nestart develops with a wise symbiosis of raw materials, industrial and artisan production processes. Two years since its birth Nestart’s doors have always been open to new collaborations and energies that can nourish this dream. Today Giorgia Toscano, the new designer, and Silvio, together with many others in contact with the reality of Nestart, strengthen the experience of this dynamic startup.

A new reality made by integral and innovative people who create an exciting new value approach about productivity to influence and qualify the market from the point of view of a unique design that triggers emotions and fuels dreams and your happiness.

Being a leader to valorize resources to achieve innovation and creativity and spread the emotional effect of beauty in being unique.

Who is Nestart

The creative minds of Silvio and Giorgia have shaped Nestart. Thanks to their know-how they created a symbiosis between materials and industrial and creative processes.





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