Beyond Material.

NestArt is a new way of creating surfaces for the design and architecture world. From the recovery of metal processing materials and from the tradition of marquetry, typical of the town of Rolo, NestArt creates a unique product of its kind.



NestArt produces metallic surfaces never seen before. The interior design confines are been redrawn by advanced aesthetics, sustainability and fine finishes.


NestArt uses only optimized steel for laser cutting SSAB Swedish Steel to create long-lasting, non-deformable and resistant to oxidation products.


NestArt creates products with endless applications, ideal for coverings, decorative items and furniture.
Its unique objects are shaped and characterized by careful craftsmanship.


NestArt, reusing and giving value to scrap materials, optimizes the use of raw materials and reduces the CO2 emissions, having a positive impact on the environment.


NestArt keeps striving to implement new solutions for the metalworking and other materials to produce innovative surfaces satisfying the design and architecture requirements. NestArt is committed to increase the use of industrial scrap material, improving energy efficiency. At the center of our vision is the creation of unique objects, able to amaze and excite customers, respecting the planet.
This project won the Rebell prize in 2019.


The name “NestArt” comes from the union of Nesting, which is the process to minimize the amount of scrap raw material produced during laser cutting, and Art, as our products are artistic and artisanal. The name includes also the word Start, to symbolize the beginning of something new, a new adventure, a new challenge: creating innovative, resistent and eco-friendly surfaces.
NestArt was born in Rolo from Bordoni Bonfiglio s.r.l., a manufacturing company specialized in metalworking for over 50 years. From technology and company know-how, NestArt explores new fields of steel application.
From the recovery of scrap metal waste we develope projects and items with ethical and aesthetic value, thanks to the union of creativity and craftsmanship and to our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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