Eco-design and recycling: Nestart in exhibition for the culture of sustainability

3CODESIGN is the name of the traveling exhibition dedicated to the culture of recycling and environmental sustainability. The exhibition is based on the idea that there is an ethical and environmental need for scraps to become raw materials again: recycling and reuse must be the basis of circular economy. For eco-design “circularity” is a modus operandi, i.e. a way of acting according to which design and production take future generations into consideration, as a form of responsibilityand sharing.

The new Italian design is aiming more and more at a sort of ecology of the artificial. 3CODESIGN_3Rs_Reduce_Recycle_Reuse wants to show that it is possible to have design without waste. This eco-design exhibition promotes Italian design and eco-designers who have chosen to follow the path of fully sustainable design. 3CODESIGN will last three years and is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and curated by Silvana Annichiarico.

Eco-design and recycling: Nestart in exhibition for the culture of sustainability
Eco-design and recycling: Nestart in exhibition for the culture of sustainability

3CODESIGN stages:

3CODESIGN will be staged in different cities around the world from 2021 to 2023. The traveling exhibition will start in Europe and then move to Asia: Prague, Doha, Shenzen, Hong Kong

  1. Prague, Czech Republic. “Italian Institute for Culture in Prague” – from May 27th to July 2nd 2021 Doha, Qatar. Exhibition period: September – October 2021
  2. Shenzen, China. Exhibition period: November 2021 Hong Kong, China. Exhibition period: December 2021
  3. Shenzen, China. Exhibition period: November 2021
  4. Hong Kong, China. Exhibition period: December 2021

Nestart eco-design in exhibition: selected by 3CODESIGN

Nestart has been selected to take part in the “3CODESIGN. 3Rs: reduce, recycle, reuse”, in line with the objectives of the so called “Cura Italia” law decree and within the integrated promotion strategy “Vivere all’italiana” (Living Italian style) aimed at relaunching the Italian economy in the world. Perfectly in line with the culture of recycling promoted by the design exhibition, Nestart creates eternal design objects, made to be able to constantly regenerate and starting from scraps, industrial waste materials that are brought to new life.

Nestart has decided to show its Labo magazine holder at this international exhibition. Labo reverses the traditional production strategy and deconstructs the classic concept of a design newspaper holder. This product is innovative and completely designed following the principles of circular economy.

Eco-design and recycling: Nestart in exhibition for the culture of sustainability

Visit our portfolio to find out more on how our Labo magazine holder is made

Along with Nestart, 3CODESIGN will also host pieces of furniture by Sapiens Design. Sapiens Design is an eco-design studio sharing the same vision and ideas of Nestart. Together, Sapiens Design and Nestart are moving towards the objective of complete and shared environmental sustainability. Reduce, recycle, reuse: these are the three core values of both projects. Alongside the Labo magazine holder by Nestart, the exhibition will host the “Intrecci” (intertwining) series by Sapiens Design.

“Intrecci” gathers design elementsderived from a particular fabric processing, the so-called “pezzara” from Calabria and the so-called “pezzotto” from Valtellina. The material becomes a point of connection between distant Italian traditions and territories, the North and the South, and it reworks and transforms the wastes of industrial processes, as also Nestart does. The “Intrecci” series includes small tables and magazine holders in which fabric is the key element. The fabric pieces harmoniously contrast with the metal of the Labo magazine holder.

Keep up to date on the official website of the design exhibition 3CODESIGN

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Silvio Bordoni

Silvio Bordoni

For a generation of blacksmiths, Silvio combines the tradition of the workshop with design. Nestart creates innovative surfaces for design and furnishings, using the Rolese Tarsia method applied to industrial processing technologies.

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