Maison & Object: Nestart’s innovative design in Paris

Nestart / Maison&Object: Nestart’s innovative design to enjoy in Paris

Maison&Object is one of the main international trade fairs for household, dedicated to furniture and decoration. Every year Paris, considered the centre of home décor, attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world and shows the excellence of the sector. In 2021, once again Maison&Object renewes itself and brings together an international community of design professionals, thanks to a digital platform that has more than 3 million visitors per year.

Rebel table
Maison & Object design and art decor: Nestart’s Rebel table on display

Nestart: Made in Italy at the fair Maison&Object, sustainable design

On display, a selection of SMEs and brands for an increasingly sensitive public to the issues of product sustainability. Among these Nestart, supported by ICE, the Italian Trade Promotion Agency, for the internationalization of Italian companies. Nestart was selected through a competition called ITA – Italian Trade Agency for the quality of its collections and the innovative design of its products that are created from the recycling of alternative materials according the principles of circular economy.

From April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, Nestart will have the opportunity to present its brand to new markets, both European and international, proposing alternative design solutions, towards a model of sustainable creation and consumption. A unique opportunity, a new challenge for Nestart, the opportunity to present itself to a wide and specific audience in the industry and worldwide.

The MOM platform to participate in the Maison&Object design exposition

Maison&Object design and art decor: Nestart among the participants

During the digital fair, Nestart will show the collections launched as a startup company among the international sector. Among these products there is the “Rebel” table, winner of the Rebell contest.This table is a perfect blend of high technology and long tradition of craftsmanship. The balance of these two worlds, that only on the surface look contradictory, allowed a unique and special partnership. Inlay work characterizes the workmanship by laser technology and the production process core is typical of metal carpentry, merging with the ancient tradition of the Marquetery from Rolo, Nestart’s hometown, the so-called Tarsìa Rolese.

The “Rebel” project was created when nesting met design. The results are timeless and sustainable surfaces and furnishing accessories that are unique.

Visit our digital exhibition. Nestart for Maison &Object design

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Silvio Bordoni

Silvio Bordoni

For a generation of blacksmiths, Silvio combines the tradition of the workshop with design. Nestart creates innovative surfaces for design and furnishings, using the Rolese Tarsia method applied to industrial processing technologies.

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