Nestart and Sapiens Design: joining materials for an eco-sustainable design

We love to define our business as the “workshop of ideas”: this means we like leaving our doors open to collaborations and projects to be carried out with other partners. Eachcooperation is the result of sharing ideas and visions about art and design. Fairs and exhibitions are not only an opportunity to propose new projects to the public, but also to get to know and meet other businesses, creative studios and designers who share our new approach to materials.

Nowadays we are not alone in the search for values ​​connected with circular economy. We are not the only ones who put the conscious use of recycled resources and raw materials at the core of their creative processes, with the aim of safeguarding the planet. Since its foundation, Nestart has had the opportunity to meet high-level creative businesses, that share the same values ​​in a similar and different way: Sapiens Design is one of them. Alessandro and Gloria, product and interior designer, are the creative minds of this design studio.

Bologna Design Week 2019

Eco-sustainable design through materials diversity

Sapiens Design and Nestart met when they both won the Rebell Prize. They got to know each other better and, over the years, they started cooperating, as they were often taking part in the same shows. They came very close to each other when they started their journey into materials, exhibiting at the Alkemia emotional space. From circular economy, they moved on to eco-sustainability, keeping in contact with the materiality of the construction elements.

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Sapiens Design: eco-sustainable design

“Despite being made in series, each product is unique”. Sapiens Design

Sapiens Design

Alessandro and Gloria from Sapiens Design firmly believe in the ethics of sustainable planning of Nestart. They seek harmony and balance between the subject and the object in order to re-consider materials, the real core of circular economy. The search for eco-sustainable design starts by focusing on the souls of the objectsthat are part of our everyday life and foster our imagination towards new ways of using them.

Nestart and Sapiens Design: the search for new materials

Art and design, steel and materials in contrast create new opportunities to shape materials. Nestart and Sapiens Design start from these key concepts to re-think objects and their surfaces. Thanks to their strong know-how, in their future projects they will be able to combine materials that appear to be different but actually aim at the same goal: shaping objects in a new, sustainable and qualitatively beautiful way.

In the meantime, please have a look at Sapiens Design’s world clicking here:

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Silvio Bordoni

Silvio Bordoni

For a generation of blacksmiths, Silvio combines the tradition of the workshop with design. Nestart creates innovative surfaces for design and furnishings, using the Rolese Tarsia method applied to industrial processing technologies.

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Silvio - C.E.O. di Nestart

Da una generazione di fabbri, Silvio unisce la tradizione della bottega con il design. Nestart crea superfici innovative per il design e l’arredamento, utilizzando il metodo della Tarsìa Rolese applicata a tecnologie di lavorazione industriali.

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