The Caffè della Rocchetta is a historic bar in the center of Castellarano, in the province of Reggio Emilia.

It is a refined and elegant bar and it is located near the ancient small fortress (in Italian “rocchetta”) from which it takes its name. The Caffè della Rocchetta was seeking a new look, something innovative and traditional at the same time. Nestart was ready to give them exactly what they were looking for.

The project started when Nestart met the designer Elena Guidetti at the Bologna Design Week and the Falegnameria GB Bonetti, a joiner’s workshop. The development of the project focused on functionality and durability in connection with beauty.

Rocchetta Cafè bar counter
Rocchetta Cafè bar counter - Project

The material chosen for the counter is stainless steel: it covers the counter’s structure and the frame made by Falegnameria GB Bonetti. 

Steel is resistant to all forms of corrosion, but, since it can be scratched easily, Nestart decided to add a brushed finish to the surface.

Brushed steel’s shapes and colors match better with the location, creating an intimate and refined atmosphere.

Photography: Davide Bartolai

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