Nestart on the floor

At the Bologna Design Week 2019, Nestart meets Barbara and Dalila, two Interior Designers from the brilliant studio Creative, in Mirandola, Modena. The studio space, in continuous “movement”, is also arranged for installations and exhibitions.

The focus is on the entrance floor, a surface to be renovated for this workshop and store. We realised the challenge of a floor design without masonry work. Exactly those few millimeters were available to lay the product. This was our constraint we could not hinder the opening of door frames.

Lastricato in Acciaio
Steel paving

From on-site surveys to the scheme drawing, the design creation begins. The choice of materials, shapes and colors: the flooring takes shape. The colors were made in collaboration with Rossetti Verniciatura and Ap Design. For the flooring installation we used a 3M high strength bio-adhesive.

The result is a wonderful floor consisting of a labyrinth of lines, curves and colors, like a fantasy lighted up by our childhood memories that has crossed time and taken shape again through the minds and hands of Nestart.

Picture Gallery